I bought an amazing hand bag with variety shell from MITCHE bag collection. This a beautiful bag with a good combination that fits for different style and color of the dress.

The unique magnetic changeable shell is very convenience for everyday changes of styling looks. I am very pleased for the design and good textured of MITCHE bag even though its small bag that we can put the limited things only. I used this bag when I go to my office or shopping together with my friends because it is very convenient to carry. This is an adorable bag to create a unique style for different outfits that suit for our fashionable senses. I really love the changeable covers of this handbag with brilliant color, this is one of my favorite accessories collection in fashion styling and very professional to carry even for a business meeting. The beautiful shape and amazing style is absolutely perfect that fits for the personality of all girls. This is one of my cutest collection in fashion styling with four classic designs of magnetic cover shell. Each color of cover shell is really beautiful, especially the butterscotch design of cover shell. The MICHE bag is really stylish with a great pattern that we can put our important essential inside the bag and find it quickly like changing the looks instantly.