Shorts are casual outfits that great for walking along the beach or spending time with friends in one place. We can create a different style of outfit by matching the shorts in shirts and blouse as our own creation for personal styling.

The shorts are made from different textile and design for casual outfits that worn by both men and women to cover the upper part of legs, but sometimes it’s extending below the knee.

The shorts are a shortened version of pants that mostly woman have, to be used for a simple outfit. This is very comfortable to wear to enjoy doing some activities with friends and families.


The shorts that commonly worn by women was called mini shorts. This will be included for trendy outfits in fashion styling because typically, women loves to wear a mini short. There are a variety shorts that design for daytime and nighttime outfits.

Denim shorts are awesome that perfectly fits for different fashionable, but simple outfits. 

White shorts are also good to match in swimwear, even though it’s easy to get dirty, but it’s made from cotton that blended of denim.

High waisted shorts are looks great for formal attire that suited for woman fashion styling because it helps to emphasize the figure.

All these shorts can be worn as a casual outfits even for beachwear. The different fabric of the shorts are normally worn in warm weather. Having a comfortable outfit is more important.