Facing the mirror is a first step to know your body shape. Use our imagination for the dress that you want to wear and tried to figure out on what would be posed to bear the dress perfectly.

Every clothes are flattering to wear, but every woman has a different taste when it comes to choosing the dress for their body. Embracing the body shape is good to get the beautiful looks when you dressed up. We need to determine to know our proportion to be able to find the style of dress that fits for our figure and avoid difficulties in choosing the dress for your body shape.
Not all people are blessed to have a nice height and weight, but fashion is not focusing only in this thing. Fashion is about the combination of dress, whatever body type and shape you have. The curved body can have the same body shape like slim proportion if we tried to discover our best assets for the dress that fits to our body shape through enable our senses about fashion.

It is just like the girl becomes taller when she has worn the high heels. Every woman do their very best to get the perfect look in fashion and each of us is unique to create our own fashion stylish.

Generally, all people are equal despite in differences in fashion styling and body shape because fashion is a freedom to wear what you want and show what personality you have.