Since childhood, I dream to become a famous Fashionista. I admire the designers of fashion clothes and accessories because they always have a smart idea to create and expand the fabulous fashion style, including the people who has a genuine fashion sense. Here are some tips about the important rules in fashion.

Dress for Women
The mini dress for women is an ultimate and perfect clothing item for the autumn. Before you look the dress into your closet, you need to think first the outfit that matches for the occasion or outfit that suit for the day. You can choose the casual attire to have a chic look and having a comfortable outfit can give you a perfect attire.
Always be careful against over combination while wearing dress for women and pairing too bright color of the accessories. Despite of the actuality that you really have an outstanding outfit, there is a one thing that really important in fashion styling. It is a fashion accessory that added to complete your styling. The pearls are elegant as a bracelet, necklace, earrings or even as a pin.
Fashion Accessory
It is a thing that we used to have a complete outfit with a specifically complement in wearer’s look. It consists in only two categorized areas which is the carried accessories and the worn accessories. When you start creating your own fashion, the accessories can contribute a lot to have a perfect fashion style. Some added fashion accessories like bag and shoes are great to accomplish the fashion accent idea. If the fashion accessories appear it’s better to complete a perfect look.

The carried accessories consist the bag than can easily carry

Shoes is referred to worn on the feet that can range of the gorgeous styles of fashion.

For Simple Outfit
It’s very important that you style very carefully to avoid fashion disaster. Avoid showing too much skin and select the clothes that fit to your body to show your sexy curve, even for a simple outfit. Keep your simple makeup with natural shade to avoid cover-up the real you and let your authentic personality shine through the simple fashion style.