As you can see now a day in a modern style of fashion the old style come to a new and upgraded style. Are you familiar with the tattered jeans?

Can you imagine your old pants turn into a new and upgraded style, it can be easy and affordable as long as you have the internet connection so that you can watch the do it yourself video in the internet for you to have an idea on how to tattered your pants on your own style.morgan-photoshoots-models-8156207-lLike what I did before I wanted to buy new pants in one of the well-known shops in the mall but apparently the design of my pants that I want to have is not available for my size, that time I want to buy a tattered pants. The saleslady gave me an idea on how can I have a tattered pants inside my own closet, she told me that I need to watch on YouTube on some ideas about the DIY on how to rip jeans and leave the white thread, and after a few minutes I was happy with the result. I have now my own style tattered skinny jeans. Fashion that will enhance your own creativity.