I admit it to myself that I am one of those girls who really love putting lipstick on my lips every time I go out or working at the office. For me the shades of lipstick that I have is depend on my mood. Like the red lipstick that looks good on everyone. This is most commonly best seller on the cosmetic boutique. The girls with red lipstick are looking class and sophisticated.

Prestige Cosmetics.
Lip-gloss can also use for every day, even if inside your house so that your lips is not drying out and looking fail. Be beautiful inside or outside the house.

I want to change something new this is my latest obsession this kind of shades of lipstick a dark but looking good to me, one of my friend told me you look like maleficent I was laughing at her and told do I look ugly on this shades?, and she said No you are much more prettier with that, it compliment to your skin tone.

The makeup on your face without lipstick is looking fail and nothing. For me there is no wrong about obsession of lipsticks as long as you really enjoy of what you are doing and you know your limitation, go for it and do what you want. Just to remind you guys choose a better brand of lipstick and do not buy the imitation of lipstick this will be harm to your lips. Just enjoy and express your mood with the kind of shades of lipstick you want.