Girls, are you a shoe addict? Every girls love wearing different style of shoes sandals, wedge, rubber shoes, boots and many more. Every one of us has prepared desire of shoes that they really want to wear. For a unique take on the world of fashion shoes can be trade mark of aspect of our life, some well-known celebrities inside or outside the country are really fascinated in wearing different style of shoes.

As you can see in this kind of sandals this is one of the designs that really eye catching isn’t it? Cute and yet colorful some celebrities wear this in parties or some important events of their life. While reading some stories of those people who are shoe addicted they have only one desire why they were addicted in this fashion, one of the reason is it becomes one of the source of stress reliever to them.

Maybe for me as long as you are happy of what you are doing in your life there’s nothing wrong in being addicted on shoes, as long as you can pay what you wish for to have a pair of different style of shoes.

Just be yourself and happy as always because life is too short and enjoy the things that can make you happy.