I wanted to learn how to put eye shadow which is smoky eyes make up. I am fascinating for those women who are really professional in putting up eye shadow, although I have complete set of make-up but I don’t know how to achieve the smoky eyes. The thing that I did was browse some photos on Facebook and watch on YouTube about the proper way of putting the eye shadow makeup to achieve the smoky eyes.

A Little bit of practice to myself I finally make the look that I want to achieve. Now that I have an idea on how to do this I can use this in some special occasion. What a pleasant achievement for me. While staying at home with my parents and siblings, I learn how to appreciate how important the make up to one women. This will help to enhance the beauty that comes from within. Just a simple lipstick will give touch the look that you want to portrait.
As a fashion blogger I learn something new and until now I continue to discover my capability. Fashion makes add the color to my life. This will give me more strength to be a better person and mold the attitude for who I am today.

Fashion will always be my passion in life
. Learning the perfect Eye shadow will compliment for who you are.