I love Fashion! When we say Fashion, the first things that come’s in our mind is about the perfect style of outfit and good appearance. Fashion is popular for styling in clothing, hair, accessories, bags, make up, footwear and body posture.

Habitual creation of style for dresses is a part of our fashion senses and it’s reflected in our personality. The fashion has a different trend style combination that considering for our perception and beauty. Our fashion sense is an asset that blended to our feminine or masculine attractive looks. Being fashonista we considered the good fashion style with desire, intellect and a sense of humor to have more confidence in ourselves. Creating our own fashion style is expressing our individuality to become comfortable about the fashion trend and we are all shaped in fashion by what we love and interest in life. We could say that the person is fahionist through the unique style or simple but elegant outfit. Fashion is not just a great looks of dress, it is a good outfit that balance to the occasion. Good combination of clothes give’s a new and fresh looks, even for a simple outfit. We can get some new ideas about fashion trends to improve more our fashion senses. The right aspect of fashion is important to keep the good appearance in fashion styling.

The first impression that we got from other people is depends to our fashion styling. The simple but attractive fashion style is perfectly acceptable as a great outfit.