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As you can see now a day in a modern style of fashion the old style come to a new and upgraded style. Are you familiar with the tattered jeans?
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Hey guys! I just want to introduce my little fashionista. Her name is Jada Isabella Guidry, daughter of my sisters best friend. Her mom is a Filipino and her dad is American. She is 6 years old very smart little kid and you can see she is so beautiful and adorable little kid I think she’s born to be a model because you can see the pose the confidence in her.
Since childhood, I dream to become a famous Fashionista. I admire the designers of fashion clothes and accessories because they always have a smart idea to create and expand the fabulous fashion style, including the people who has a genuine fashion sense. Here are some tips about the important rules in fashion.
The 18th birthday is an important occasion in young girl’s life because it’s a sign that they turning to the new chapter of life, which is being absolutely woman. It is traditionally celebrated in various forms across the globe that consist many aspects of the ceremony and comprehensive dresses from the debutante and visitors, including the sharing message from friends and families. The father and daughter dance is one of the sweetest parts of this event. It is an important role of father to keep the strong and healthy relationship with his daughter. Choosing the 18th birthday dress is like finding the perfect gift that definitely want to receive by …
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Fashion stylists is an expert to create a perfect styling for any specific lifestyle, personality and brand of different people. There are people who actually penetrating the imagination when it comes to creativity of fashion styling and can improve through some guidelines that provided from the experts. The fashion show is one of the powerful elements to launch the latest trend in fashion and many people are waiting to find out the latest design of the outfit.
Knowledge in fashion can provide the necessary background and skills for simple but perfect styling. People have a different taste for the color of dress for fashion styling, but they are all creative to have a unique looks. Usually people around are wearing a same and common color of clothes and the design is the only differences because the other color’s of dress are really hard to reach when we open our closet or when you buy a new clothes, it’s not because of the expensive price, but because you think that it’s not good to your skin and personality.
Having an elegant dress doesn’t require to spend more because there are a designer clothes that suited for your simple styling. Sometimes in fashion styling we try to emulate the elegant style of some celebrities, but usually we aim the simplicity with flair to create the unique style on your own.
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Pink is the most prominent feminine color that women’s really love. There is no color that more feminine than pink dress because even the shade seems soft and girly. Pink is a combination of red and white that result a pale of red color, which was taken the same name in lovely pink flower. Pink color of the dress was included on the girl’s childhood and pink color for men is a part of fashion styling.
Dressing up is never felt exhausted but it gives an happiness and freedom of being true to your style. Choosing the color of outfit contains the significance of the people’s fashion around the world, not only for the influence of their emotion, but it reflected in the religion and different cultures. People have their own favorite color and they are showing it through their outfits and accessories. But in fashion, we considered the different color as a part of our creativity for unique styling. Each color represents the various sense in fashion which contains everything to dominate the color of our skin, like the yellow color of dress. Yellow is …